Saturday, April 12, 2008

Quick Update

Cnet laid off 10% of its domestic workforce, including myself, which means I'm re-discovering the joys of BitTorrent and matinees. Fortunately, the lay-offs were perfectly timed as I was in the process of searching for a new apartment. Instead of an apartment in SF, I'll be heading back to LA where I'll stay until I'm lured back to the Bay Area. With a little extra free time on my hands, I might just have to start blogging more.

I head down to LA tomorrow to tour my new digs and during the week I'll be meeting with folks to, you know, get more gigs.

I am now off to host a benefit for the USF Women's Volleyball team at The Purple Onion.


FlukeMuseum said...

"CNET laid off 10% of its domestic workforce, including myself..."

Oh, no! I watched you on's TurboVision literally every day! Well, good luck, Swishy VonSwisherstein, I'm sure you're gonna land on your feet, as they say!

Tim said...

Year of the Rat sister - it is THE year to leave the Bay for LA; then back and maybe to NY. I was laid off for four months this winter - it was four good months of um reinventing myself which means I slept until noon. Alot. Welcome Back!