Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stalking Ashton and Demi

How do I know I'm in LA again? Because in all my hikes in the Bay Area, not once did anyone ask me, "Did you see Ashton and Demi up there?" I was exiting the off-leash area on the lower East side of the park and a man was leaning against the gate wearing a leather jacket and backpack. He wanted to know how far it was to the top. It seemed like it would be quite a ways if one attempted to make the trip in a leather jacket, since everyone else was shirtless or in bikini tops. After he asked about Ashton and Demi, it clicked. This guy was a papparazzo who REALLY didn't want to have to hike a canyon to get the shot. So if you see a pic of Aston and Demi hiking with their dogs, know that the man who took it had to earn it. I probably should have made some stuff up, "Did I SEE them? EVERYONE saw them. They were making out like they were hopped up on E."


Tim said...

IN 1996 I hugged Demi. True story. She's like three feet tall. If you see Ashton she'll be the three foot tall woman with him.

I got nothin.

Butternut said...

"No, but Brad and Angelina are up there. If you hurry you might catch them."

Those paparazzi work so very hard for their money, so hard for it, honey. I wouldn't want to see them miss out on an opportunity to share the glory of celebdom with all the drooling fans. Of course we're the ones with the celebrity rag subscriptions feeding the beast.

Just leave Laura alone!