Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Main Reason I Oppose McCain

With McCain's health a serious issue, there's a reasonably good chance that Sarah Palin could end up being president. Do we really want to risk the embarrassment of having a "First Dude" represent The United States on the world stage? Do we want to flip on our TVs and hear a BBC reporter say, "Prime Minister Gordon Brown received President Sarah Palin and the First Dude at Number 10 this morning..."? The title "First Dude" is not as charming or folksy as the hockey mom would like us to think.

By the way, if Hilary had won the nomination, and I suspected there might be the slightest chance she'd refer to Bill as her "First Dude", I would probably have a McCain bumper sticker on my car right now. But I doubt that would happen.

First Dude? Seriously?


Butternut said...

First Gentleman, perhaps? Yeah, the "First Dude" name is really insulting to the whole importance of the position of President and the importance of Jeff Bridges.

FifthDream said...

Yeah, i saw something about this on tv last week or so, and i heard it... stared at the tv in disbelief... and prayed for the apocalypse.

Not that i'm not doing those things multiple times daily, anyway, but i did it then, too.

Laura Swisher said...

Duuuuuuuuudes. Great comments!