Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama Stole the Election

From someone who works for a right wing media company, they're already working on stories on how Obama stole the election. Bet there's more outcry over a fake election theft than the authentic kind.


tankboy2902 said...

So they can plan long term? Basically what you're telling me is that they'll be sowing the seeds of doubt today which they plan to harvest in four or eight years to get back in power and do what they do best, which is live for the moment (=take the money and run). America has difficult problems that are going to need long term attention.

How can you plan to screw the system long into the future but you can't plan how to fix it? (Don't even fix it, just stop making it worse.) Everything is military strategy with these guys. Being permanently paranoid is tiring. I wonder how they can stand to be jacked up all the time. I have lots of thoughts but there's no need to blather on. I'll say one thing: that Chinese guy was right. It is nice to live in interesting times.

It's not going to get too much more interesting, is it? This seems like a good place to stop.

Butternut said...

Was there supposed to be a link? You always have links.

Laura Swisher said...

Whatever, Katie Couric. You want links? I'll look into it and getcha some!

Just listened to part two of This American Life's informative coverage on the state of the economy and it sounds like things are going to get much more..interesting.