Sunday, October 05, 2008


Just got a quarterly notice from one of my mutual funds and was delighted to learn that 27% of it has disappeared since January 2008. It's not a huge deal since, like most Americans, I only dabble in the market for the sport of it, and in no way rely on these investments to keep me in prune juice in my twilight years.

Sorry. Blah blah blah, right? No one is concerned about their shrinking investments these days. BOOOORRRIINNNGGGG.

What we need in these most trying of times are good old-fashioned character attacks. Because despite what some would like you to believe, character matters. And history has proven that the best presidents are the ones who profess to care about "honor" and "dignity", and make those themes a cornerstone of their campaigns.


Butternut said...

You ain't alone. My 401k is in the toilet. Luckily I'm not retiring soon...;range=6m

What's this 'dignity' you speak of?

tankboy2902 said...

WHOA! Should have warned me about that Palin picture! Now I'll be having Margaret Hamilton nightmares!

I agree with what George said in the New York Times article. He certainly did write new chapters for the 21st century. The problem is that they're an addendum to the Gulag Archipelago.

"Norquist believes McCain will eventually side with those advocating more negative attacks.
One thing I believe about John McCain is that he really, really, really wants to be president.”

For at least a week until his
heart gives out.
Then we're stuck with the dim bulb for 3+ years. If we're going to have
a president do absolutely nothing to help people during a depression I'd like to have Silent Cal to vote for. At least people didn't have to listen to chirpy high-pitched fake platitudes with him around.

Coolidge's bio is a good read. One story (not from the Wiki): Coolidge and some foreign
dignitaries were sailing on the Potomac in the presidential yacht. Coolidge is at the rail, silent as usual. After a while one of the dignitaries figures he'd ask Coolidge what's on his mind. Perhaps he's contemplating the beautiful, majestic countryside? As usual, Coolidge takes his time answering. Coolidge points, "See that bird on that piling? It hasn't moved in 20 minutes. I think it's dead."

Cheney's reply to this is, of course, "Well hell!, that just makes it easier to shoot!"

"You might want to move over, Cal."

Laura Swisher said...

McCain feels we owe him the presidency. Comes off a wee bit "entitled" to it.