Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Number 44

Do we really have a new president? Really? I'm not imagining this?

Please tell me it's real.


Butternut said...

Bush has declared martial law due to the impending turrist threat from... space or something. He temporarily repealed the two term limit law because of this unprecedented threat of attack so that he can serve our country in this moment of crisis. He will reinstate the draft and rebuild a new army to fight the enemy, wherever they are. As soon as he gets off vacation...

Muuaahhh... *blinks eyes and looks around* Was it a dream? Was it all just a bad dream?? I had a dream?

Here's hoping Obama isn't such a dick. Bush really set the bar low, hasn't he?

tankboy2902 said...

Nah, that's just the weed talking.


Whatever happens, I can live with it. It's nice to have that back. I may have to give this 'hope' stuff a second look.

The thing that struck me was all the relatives inside the reviewing stand. Black relatives standing around. It feels right. It feels like...yeah, why not?

I liked seeing all the Marines in parade dress. It's been years. Marines are a royal pain in the ass but they're always impressive when you clean them up. And unlike sailors when you clean them up they don't retain a hint of puke. I have first hand experience in that, earned in many bars in many ports of the Mediterranean.

Jack Widow Rendezvous said...

It's real. You're not dreaming. But just remember this: Miss Gultch is still going to come get Toto and take him to the sheriff to be destroyed. Sorry.