Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'm Just an Adorable Lil' Panda!

I'm cute and cuddly.

Look into my panda eyes.

Come over here.

A little closer.

I won't hurt you. I promise!



Pierce said...

I think the 5-year old needs to be investigated, he was clearly trying to kill his father with a bear.

tankboy2902 said...

Speaking of being mauled, I'm sitting in a Marriott in Norman, Oklahoma. I can see Sooner stadium
from the top floor of the hotel. At 7 I'm going to go down to the lounge in all my Gator gear to watch the game. The maid hasn't left any soap or shampoo since I got here and I'm wondering if it's the giant Gator banner I hung up when I got here. I was in the store and I made a comment about being the only Gator in Oklahoma and the clerk said, "you don't want to let people know that," with only a mildly veiled threat of danger in her voice.

This place is weird.

If you don't hear from me again you may assume the worst. In the event of my death I bequeath my 300-hour tivo and my Unscrewed dvd collection to butternut.

Butternut, let me know if you need a tivo OS image.

The roach in my bed just gave me a dirty look.

Butternut said...

They have Unscrewed on DVD?

He was just lucky that panda doesn't know Kung-Fu. "... Zhang appeared to first look around to see if pandas were nearby before jumping in ..." He must have not seen the bear because of its camouflage. Maybe it was a Ninja Bear.

VagabondLoafer said...

It’s go-time for Gu Gu.
Darwinism in action.

Laura Swisher said...


Did you survive? Hello?!

Pierce said...

I know that the Sooners lost. I'm hoping that the Sooner fans just took Tankboy captive and didn't do anything they'll regret after the thaw!

tankboy2902 said...

I've learned something about journalism. I didn't know it was possible to write AROUND a story (well, maybe in Pravda), but every paper here in OK managed to basically mumble that OU lost without really acknowledging that Florida won. My explanation doesn't really do the situation justice, the articles were just very strange.

There were more Gators here than I thought. About 20 of us in the hotel lounge, an equal number of Sooners. The real fun was on Campus Corners, where none of us were stupid enough to go. Red aplenty. Near the end we formed a phalanx and we made it back to our rooms alive. Nah, actually by the end we were pretty much alone in there except for the bartender.

So if we win four more National Championships we'll equal the Sooners. Methinks they're upset about nothing.

Tim said...

Three times in as many years - each "victim" jumped over the fence for various reasons.

I don't mean to be judgemental here but um, they JUMPED INTO HIS CAGE.

Laura Swisher said...

Don't they read the news in China? You'd think after the first or second incident they'd learn it was a bad idea.