Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gonna File an Extension Today

Yay tax day!

Last week I found out I owe money from last year still. That's exciting. Being disorganized has consequences apparently.

Finished shooting the pilot yesterday and had a great time. The cast was lovely and I was just happy to be involved in a script read-through with people like Richard Dreyfuss and Mary Steenburgen. That alone was worth it.

And now I'm back to my regularly scheduled life...which means I need to get back to work.

And taxes.



Cuervo Jones said...

i need to file for an extension too but I've no idea how...

tankboy2902 said...

Years ago I was walking down 5th Avenue when an NBC intern lassoed me into going upstairs at Roosevelt Plaza to view a sitcom pilot. Afterwards everyone in the assembled crowd left within 5 minutes, but being my usual erudite self I spent 30 minutes writing out a scathing assessment of the stereotypical Technicolor turd I had just witnessed.

That fall I noticed that the show was not on the NBC schedule. Whether I had anything to do with it or not I will never know, but having learned much about show business in the intervening years I now understand how many potential jobs (and careers) I may have destroyed with my acidic appraisal. I’m not sorry; this was just bad tv. I do feel odd, though, because Laura puts a human face on a messy, ugly, cutthroat business: the creation of modern entertainment.

I’m guessing that all our hopes here are that we get to see Laura on the tube on a fairly routine basis come this fall. Break a leg.


Filing an extension: having to send a check of what you estimate you owe is the oddest thing about it. As the comedians might say, “isn’t this why you’re applying for the goddamned thing?!” Every year I get a refund (planned so as to be not too big) so I can avoid this particular stressor; one year when I was still poor I owed money and I have no desire to repeat that craptacular experience.

Butternut said...

It takes me an hour to do both state and federal taxes from when I decide to do them to signing the forms. I have pretty simple taxes though. One W-2, one taxable interest income, no deductions. As soon as I get a house it will be a lot more complicated.

Pilot? Do tell.