Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

If you haven't yet checked out the Peeps Show III, it's a must-see. Enjoy!


Glen said...

"Yes. Our engines flared out. We definitely didn't crash because of a hundred bunnies simultaneously applying for membership in the mile-high club."

Happy Easter, Swish!

Butternut said...

That was nuts. Peeps are gross so using them for construction seems perfectly reasonable.

Chocolate bunnies

tankboy2902 said...

OFF TOPIC and I'm filling in for Laura because she's busy even though she didn't ask me and I finished my taxes yesterday and I'm not:

This is just WRONG.If Laura ever gets incredibly rich and famous and then (then?!) goes loopy and has to declare bankruptcy and auction off her collection of weird stuff to pay her creditors, do you think it might include something like a stuffed dog sculpture called 'Refried Bean' à la Trigger and Bullet? Or is it just wrong for me to say that?

What would be in your rich, crazy person collection? Here's some more.