Thursday, January 22, 2009

Le Chien Mauvais

Former French president Jacques Chirac was viciously bitten, ou mordu, by his bijon frise named Sumo.

The dog is said to have been upset and on anti-depressants.

The breed in question, bijon frises, are often mistaken for poodles, but they're not. They live their entire lives constantly having to explain to people that, non, sont PAS poodles. This makes them angry and depressed and if they don't turn to alcohol to cope, they turn to violence, especially if they're also saddled with an unfortunate name, as Sumo was.

I wish Chirac a speedy recovery.

Au revoir.

1 comment:

Butternut said...

Bon soir mes amis.

Juste parce qu'ils ne sont pas les poodles ne signifie pas qu'ils ne sont pas des chiennes.

OK, now my brain hurts. Good thing to know my three years of French is still useful (that and Babel Fish).